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This Journal is intended to be a location to post Lady Kena's tarot readings which correspond to the games run as live events by Mystic Station Designs and perhaps even a vision or two. The Author is member of the Mystic Station Design Crew. Please visit the official website at Chivalry & Sorcery products including this author's contributions can be found at

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I am working on the sheet, but since I have had no comments, I am figuring nobody is too worried about why I have not finished this theme yet.
If I am wrong, please make a comment.
****Lady Kena

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What does the knight favor to wear, lets see equipment..., medium war horse stallion, scale mail coif and Hauberk, Might have cuirbolli greaves. Symbolic of the up and down fortunes of a landless knight. You hope to capture a better suit of arms in the tourney, but the armor is servicable. Your pride is your jousting armor, (Battle armor). Your packhorse and riding horses are both mares and you hope to create a small herd for yourself. Better have animal husbandry horses and maybe train war horse. Quite useful skills and a prime choice to continue service after the year. May need to find a groom and seek candidates for a squire.... right, dreaming, but maybe that is a habbit which could be the flaw.

Lets see how we will pay for that to know how many points we are working with. I want a reasonably strong character, but we will roll to check for Herculean strength Whether we get it or not, we should check for a flaw. I'll let the dice speak on this one completely.

Do we need a distance weapon and a horseman's weapon.Probably, lets move on and decide which one later. And hobbies, what should be my hobbies.... cooking. maybe, its often handy to know how to cook the game you skewered with your lance, so 5 skills in cooking: Butcher Fresh meat, cook meat, camp cooking, stews and soups, and maybe make meat pies.

OOC Now we need some skills. Riding Horse, Mounted Combat, Heraldry, a weapon for melee, lance skill and wearing armor,
light, heavy and Battle and a sheild. Courtly manners, Better grab courtly love too, we are considering marriage after all. Lets see, feild crops for the Alquennas agriculture bonus. and that would also include leadership for handling the feild hands.

To earn a plot of land, earn a wage and a share from the Lord's winter stores. (If you don't draw it out as pay or food, you get better deals for the hardware like plowshares or a block and tackel.)


You have contracted to escourt a band of refugees to land where they may make their farm and Craft-cottages. Your service was to cover the current year's service for your father's land.
You will be considered for land to rent which would allow you to marry and raise a family.
You will be able once there to compete in the Spring Tourney. Knights and Mounted Warriors will compete for their ranks in the mounted patrol.

Would anyone be interested in how to build a pregen character?

I think I will start with a Knight, without land,...

4th child of a Landed-Knight (Knight D), Just knighted and 17 or 18 yrs old. Well aspected at birth and a good son or daughter. Hmmm, maybe do this one as male ...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am hopeful that some of the people who attend ICON 25 will give me feedback on the readings I posted for the Mystic Station Designs C&S games.
My best wishes to the crew attending ICON this year and for all who are travelling to this event. I wish I could be there too.
****Lady Kena

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mystic Station Designs be running games at ICON 25 in New York, but, due to a glitch, the games were not listed on ICON's webpages( ).

Lady Kena has only done readings for the three C&S games. The Traveler games, Miniatures for Beginners and the Joust do not have readings.I have written my interpretation of the cards to the games. I use the Rider Waite version of the Tarot cards. They seem to 'speek' to me more.

FRIDAY 24 March 2006
Start Time: 6:00 p.m.
End Time: 10:00 p.m.
Game Master: Allison E. Kaese
Title: Gateway to Understanding
Game System: Chivalry & Sorcery:
# of players: 4 to 8
The Alliance is beginning to break down. Former Alliance countries are now at war with each other. The death toll from the reapers is mounting with no hope of stopping them. The Party is being sent by the Duchess of Kent to a barren wasteland where rumors claim there is information concerning the Reapers.

The Reading: Gateway to Understanding
Covers: Judgement- An understanding of new possibilities has begun
Crosses: 9 Wands- Preparedness, strength in reserve, opposition, prepared to defend against adversity The party will be prepared as best they can be for the task ahead.
Above: 10 Cups- The party feels hope and expectation of a good resolution
Below: the Hanged Man- Wisdom and Prophecy of potential success. Decisions are held until the new information has been assessed.
Behind: 6 Cups- memories of what has gone before and may indicate new knowledge. Perhaps even a meeting
Ahead: Ace of Wands- Invention, Creation, Beginning of an enterprise, The party shall begin more than just a journey, they begin something great.
Fears: Ace of Pentacles – Fear of creating too much success? Perhaps fear of this new knowledge.
Environment: Page of Cups- a youth of fair complexion who is studious thoughtful and with an active imagination willing to render service to the seeker. Can mean news, a message, the birth of a child, in Business, new methods proposed Probably indicates a meeting with one who holds the knowledge needed
Hopes/Ideals: Knight of Swords – Dark complexioned youth, strong and brave. May mean someone about to rush headlong into the life of the seeker. May indicate skill bravery, defense or war, conflict and destruction (modified by the nearby cards)
Outcome: Ace of Swords- Great forces of love and hatred, everything in excess, conquest and activity, triumph of power, may mean fertility Please note this is the third Ace in the Spread and indicates that something greater than what is normal begins here.
Furthest: Temperance- Good Management, adaptation, coordination, Modification, The use of successful combination, the individualization of existence. The party is likely to need to concentrate on conservation of resources and be inventive with a synthesis of multiple people’s skills to do what must be done.
Rev: The Tower – Oppression, imprisonment, unforeseen problems, minor conflicts The party holds seeds of discord within itself.
Rev: 2 Pentacles- Inability to handle two situations at once that are in opposition, simulated enjoyment, forced gaiety, Messages in writing, letters of exchange, The party needs to coordinate their actions so as to not interfere with each other.
Rev: 6 Pentacles – Unfairness in business, cause for envy, avarice, bad debt, The expected monetary gain may be blocked by petty causes.

SATURDAY 25 March 2006
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
End Time: 2:00 p.m.
Game Master: Allison E. Kaese
Title: Gateway to Fire and Ice
Game System: Chivalry & Sorcery
# of players: 4 to 8
The town of Lament was found burned to the ground a over a year ago. Since then it has been rebuilt and has started to blossom. The cause of its destruction was never discovered. The town of Riverdale eight miles from Lament was found burned to the ground nine days ago. All of the town’s people are missing. Six days ago the remains of the town’s people were found 600 miles away near the city of Redden A trail that leads into the wilderness south of Redden was found. The party must search out the answers to the question of what happened to the Town of Lament and its people

The Reading: Gateway to Fire and Ice
(A card dropped out to ‘volunteer’ to be the significator: King of Cups) – A fair complexioned man of business, law or divinity (the person who hires the group?) Friendly, of creative intelligence in the arts and sciences He is disposed in favor of the subject of the reading, Kindness, Liberality, Generosity
Covers: Knight of Wands-Light complexioned man capable of creating conflict or rivalry. May mean departure, absence flight or change of residence as this is explained in the synopsis, obviously this refers to the missing people.
Crosses: The Devil- Matter over spirit? Sensation without understanding, As this is in the crossed position, it may also mean a new spiritual understanding, violence and indecision
Above: Page of Pentacles- A messenger, a respect for new ideas, opinions, scholarship- the party is asked to discover this mystery and there is much respect for any ideas presented.
Below: 3 Wands- Practical help from a successful merchant, trade commerce, partnership. The new settlements were very prosperous. Trade is a strong foundation of these towns.
Behind: 9 Pentacles-In the past there was safety and material well being
Ahead: 5 Cups- May indicate the losses of the past are only now being investigated, and due to this, more loss shall occur.
Fears: 5 Swords-Conquest of others by physical strength and may indicate a fight or threat of attack.
Environment: Page of Cups- Studious and thoughtful, may indicate a message or messanger, new methods are offered
Hopes/Ideals: 4 Pentacles-Clinging to material possessions, may indicate a gift or legacy. The party may hope for a good payment for their acts.
Outcome: 6 Swords-May indicate a journey by water. Or travel away from difficulties. sending someone to represent you in an undertaking. Success after anxiety,
Furthest: 3 Cups The three Graces, Victory, Abundance and Liberality. A happy issue. Perhaps the reasons are more positive than first suspected.
Rev: 9 Cups- The party should be careful especially when everything seems very easy
Rev: 10 Cups- Possibility of Betrayal or loss of friendship Perhaps this is what happened before, was the town betrayed? Or is there betrayal from within the party?
Rev: King of Pentacles- Perhaps this refers to the original betrayer but their lack within the spread shows they may remain hidden.

SATURDAY 25 March 2006
Start Time: 4:00 p.m.
End Time: 8:00 p.m.
Game Master: Chris Dennie
Title: Holding until the Dawn
Game System: Chivalry & Sorcery the Rebirth
# of Players: 4 to 8
The party just completed a caravan escort job when they heard of a job opening 200 miles away on the cost in the harbor city of Farehold. The party began to travel to Farehold when countless undead appeared as the sunset approached. The party is being chased by countless numbers of undead believe they find sanctuary in an old keep. The keep was once the home of a powerful necromancer turned Greater Lych that was killed 10 years ago, they think. Anyway the party pursuers will not even enter the outer ward of the keep. The party begins to relax. The hollowing scream was the first and only indication that something was terribly wrong. Now the party is fighting for their lives. If only they can make it to Dawn.

The Reading: Holding until the Dawn
Covers: (Rev) Strength- Abuse of Power and Dominion over the Material May indicate the influence of the same or a different Necromancer.
Crosses: 10 Cups- Even as the party thinks they have found happiness there is betrayal The sanctuary is not really safe.
Above: Knight of Swords- Skill, bravery and Defense, The party begins with strong positive response to danger.
Below: The Heirophant- Preference for ritual, Need for conformity and social approval Perhaps the Necromancer is represented here.or perhaps the church and it’s ritual will bring solace to the party.
Behind: (Rev) Queen of Cups may indicate a woman of vision in the past. Perhaps one who warned the party but the warning was heeded too late.
Ahead: 3 Pentacles- Card of the Craftmaster, May indicate reknown and glory for the party or may again refer to the Necromancer and their desire for glory.
Fears: 10 Wands- Card of Burdens, Power unwisely used, a problem soon to be solved
Environment: 5 Swords- Conquest by the physical- conflict, a threat to the party The party must fight on long past endurance.
Hopes/Ideals: Knight of Wands A hope of departure, or change of residence
Outcome: 7 Wands- Man holding his own against adversity, success over adversity
Furthest: Page of Wands – A bearer of a message, perhaps favorable testimony
Rev: Strength Abuse of Power and Dominion over the Material
Rev: Queen of Cups a woman of vision
Rev: The Devil A beginning of Spiritual Understanding, Physical Healing. As the only reversed card that did not fall within the spread, the presence may be hard to find. Understanding may need to be contemplated, and contemplation can not be found until conflicts end.

Friday, March 17, 2006

So who is Lady Kena anyway?

Hi, I created Lady Kena as my first 'real' character to play in the Living World of Alquennas. Please see for more details about Alquennas and events.
She was created at Rising Star, a convention in Salem, Virginia. Kena was a 13 year old commoner (vocation:witch) who was trapped within Dresden Castle while it was held by the Hoarde during the Seige of Dresden. Due to her efforts and the efforts of her freinds who were also hiding there, she assisted in getting important information about the Hoarde out to the members of the Azinian Army. She was proclaimed a 'Hero of Dresden' at the conclusion of this game. That was the first of her accolades as she rose in Power and Status.
Lady Kena de Gray is a Baroness now, and maybe soon, I'll pass on some more of her personal history. I have officially retired the character, yet she is still alive in Alquennas. Occaisionally, she makes her actions known within the gameworld. She is the poor girl who suddenly made good, and developed into one of the Nobility by asking for help (she asked to be adopted by one Knight she trusted). Only after it was done did she realize the tremendous step she had now undertaken.
That is who Lady Kena is really, but as a personna, she will also always be a part of me too.
***Lady Kena