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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My appologies to anyone reading this. I have been doing a lot of attempted internet marketing and not much on the game.
In case you are interested, here is a link. This is for a way to set up a quick website to sell stuff.

All things considered you can put up and manage 3 or 10 websites very easily. I currently have just the preloaded information but it is worth a look if you have a problem with the background skills to put up a website from scratch.

Enough of that. I went to Balticon and got to play one of my favorite characters through the whole weekend, Aubriana. She is a Sister of Light Priestess (Witch Vocation). I got to use a shapeshift spell into an Elemental.

The party was investigating a castle which had been transported to Alquennas from...? (Mideval France I think) The 'Spirit' who is Saint Bridget appeared to us in the Armory (Appropriate) and told us that the castle belongs to the being who is our major-behind-the-scenes-bad-guy. We had a limited amount of time to strip stuff from his castle as reprisal for his overstepping the bounds in another adventure.

I stepped up and transformed (by spell) into an Earth Elemental and we got to strip and rubble the entire castle. When it returned to its proper space and time, it was barely the foundations left.


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