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This Journal is intended to be a location to post Lady Kena's tarot readings which correspond to the games run as live events by Mystic Station Designs and perhaps even a vision or two. The Author is member of the Mystic Station Design Crew. Please visit the official website at Chivalry & Sorcery products including this author's contributions can be found at

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I have neglected this journal. No excuses, just the reality (Oh. what a nasty concept reality is). My reality has had to focus on finding a job. My gaming prospects are very limited at the moment and I need a flavor of something fun in my life.

I have had some card gaming time lately and a movie based DVD/board game but the true imersion in fantasy RPGs have been lacking. My usual gaming group has been spotty from illnesses and Family Holidays. Right now, I expect to finally find time to Game about the last Friday of the year. Pretty Bleak!

Just wanted to update this while I am visiting Blogger and maybe I can try to post more often.


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