Lady Kena's Journal

This Journal is intended to be a location to post Lady Kena's tarot readings which correspond to the games run as live events by Mystic Station Designs and perhaps even a vision or two. The Author is member of the Mystic Station Design Crew. Please visit the official website at Chivalry & Sorcery products including this author's contributions can be found at

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What does the knight favor to wear, lets see equipment..., medium war horse stallion, scale mail coif and Hauberk, Might have cuirbolli greaves. Symbolic of the up and down fortunes of a landless knight. You hope to capture a better suit of arms in the tourney, but the armor is servicable. Your pride is your jousting armor, (Battle armor). Your packhorse and riding horses are both mares and you hope to create a small herd for yourself. Better have animal husbandry horses and maybe train war horse. Quite useful skills and a prime choice to continue service after the year. May need to find a groom and seek candidates for a squire.... right, dreaming, but maybe that is a habbit which could be the flaw.


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