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This Journal is intended to be a location to post Lady Kena's tarot readings which correspond to the games run as live events by Mystic Station Designs and perhaps even a vision or two. The Author is member of the Mystic Station Design Crew. Please visit the official website at Chivalry & Sorcery products including this author's contributions can be found at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It seems that although I have not been posting, someone has decided this blog is a good way to send me crap. very annoying.
Perhaps it is time to retire this blog, although I just did manage to find how to reclaim it. :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I have neglected this journal. No excuses, just the reality (Oh. what a nasty concept reality is). My reality has had to focus on finding a job. My gaming prospects are very limited at the moment and I need a flavor of something fun in my life.

I have had some card gaming time lately and a movie based DVD/board game but the true imersion in fantasy RPGs have been lacking. My usual gaming group has been spotty from illnesses and Family Holidays. Right now, I expect to finally find time to Game about the last Friday of the year. Pretty Bleak!

Just wanted to update this while I am visiting Blogger and maybe I can try to post more often.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My appologies to anyone reading this. I have been doing a lot of attempted internet marketing and not much on the game.
In case you are interested, here is a link. This is for a way to set up a quick website to sell stuff.

All things considered you can put up and manage 3 or 10 websites very easily. I currently have just the preloaded information but it is worth a look if you have a problem with the background skills to put up a website from scratch.

Enough of that. I went to Balticon and got to play one of my favorite characters through the whole weekend, Aubriana. She is a Sister of Light Priestess (Witch Vocation). I got to use a shapeshift spell into an Elemental.

The party was investigating a castle which had been transported to Alquennas from...? (Mideval France I think) The 'Spirit' who is Saint Bridget appeared to us in the Armory (Appropriate) and told us that the castle belongs to the being who is our major-behind-the-scenes-bad-guy. We had a limited amount of time to strip stuff from his castle as reprisal for his overstepping the bounds in another adventure.

I stepped up and transformed (by spell) into an Earth Elemental and we got to strip and rubble the entire castle. When it returned to its proper space and time, it was barely the foundations left.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

By The Way,
Does anyone need help with creating a C&S Character, please leave comments here. If I cannot help, I know the people who can.

Lady Kena

I have discovered I have to turn on the comments option for each post. Annoying but I will try to remember to turn the coments on each time.

I am working on so many projects right now, I have not had any time to game at all. My Friday night every other week game got cancelled by illnss, so I am looking back to Balticon wih fondness. I am definately scheduling time for Balticon again, and maybe next time I will take time to go somewhere other than the game room. :)

I expect a Living World Game next weekend at MSD HQ even though details have not yet been posted. If I can catch up on my other projects, maybe I will return to creating the Knight character I started.

More as soon as I can.

Lady Kena

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I am still trying to find the right setting to allow comments.

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that.
Real life can be so annoying.

I made it to Balticon, and I was going to post the Tarot Readings for those games, but I got caught with the Stomach Flu that is going around. It is 7 days since the onset and I still have symptoms. Nasty stuff.

I played Aubriana through the entire series of C&S games. She is my Healer Witch who is Journeyman to Dutchess Elime' of Kent. We had some really fun players and I think my favorite was the Brit who played the Conjurer pre-gen as Borick the Cook. Hysterical. We actually had a couple times when someone insulted him. I wanted to see what culinary revenge would have been exacted, but the offending PC wised up and apologised, and then saved the Cook's life.

I knew Aubriana was rather higher level than most of the others so I tried to hang back and let others try something first. I did do a few things such as transforming into an Earth Elemental to remove treasure from a castle which was set to leave the plane of existance in a few hours. I not only ensured we would have personal wealth from that but I got to give an entire kitchen to the Cook/Conjurer. I also helped the newly promoted Knight (Samurai) cut terraces into his new lands to grow rice. Since he is the only member of his culture on Alquennas (He crossed over from Earth), Elime' has charged him to recreate his culture here. The player can only manage time to play at Balticon, so this was the first time I have played with his Samurai.