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Friday, April 14, 2006

I hav had a week from Hell and I apologise if I have not posted.
Medically I am fine for another 5 years but the tests seem like they will kill you.
Happily I had 'no findings' as the report. Better than my sister had with hers. She can qualify for Amazon Archer now.
You know those stress tests that take all the events in your life and analyse how close to a major stress related incident? Well don't send me the link because I am not going to look at the numbers. Suffice it, I am sleeping in and hoping for a rainy morning. Makes me want a tin roof back overhead just to sleep in properly.
At least 5 friends have been doing some moving and my project for the weekend is the first load to empty the storage room. I may even sell some stuff on ebay. Then there could be freecycle and selling metal and such. But that is safely scheduled for Saturday. Friday is my anti-stress day. After I sleep in, I take the pain meds and go for a long walk. Check if the pool will be open for maintenence swim. Thaw the ham and put it on in the crockpot overnight. Quiet.
Here's hoping you have a good weekend.
***Lady Kena.

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